How to make an apple pie from scratch by Cliff

Aug. 23, 2021

Once Carl Sagan was sitting in the grand oak-paneled dining hall of Cambridge’s trinity college. A waiter presented him with a freshly baked apple pie, with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes Sagan turned to the camera and says, “if you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the whole universe.”

Sagan’s point was way deeper than apples and pastry. If you zoom in far enough, you will discover trillions of atoms that were processed in the furnaces of dying stars or forged in the searing heat of the big bang. So, if you really wish to make an apple pie, you need to figure out how to create the entire universe!

Inspired by Sagan’s famous words, Cliff decided to write his book ‘How to Make an Apple Pie from Scratch: In Search of the Recipe for Our Universe, from The Origins of Atoms to the Big Bang’ and in this book Cliff will tell you a story, a story of everything.

This book will take you on a thrilling journey across the globe, plunging a kilometer into an Italian mountain range to peer into the heart of our sun, and climbing to the top of a high New Mexican peak where astronomers decode signals hidden in starlight. You’ll listen to ripples in the fabric of space and time amid the humid pine forests of Southern Louisiana and go behind the scenes at the New York lab where a giant particle collider recreates temperatures not seen since the Big Bang. Along the way, you’ll cross paths with chemists, astronomers, physicists, and cosmologists, past and present, on a quest to uncover the fundamental ingredients of matter and reveal their histories. And you’ll face up to the mysteries that remain unsolved, and ask whether there are questions we may never be able to answer.

Picture credit: Aryan (That's me, lol)

About the author

Harry Cliff a particle physicist at the University of Cambridge working on the LHCb experiment, an enormous particle detector buried 100 meters underground at CERN near Geneva. He is a member of a global team of around 1400 physicists, engineers, and computer scientists who are using LHCb to know the essential building blocks of our universe, in search of answers to a number of the most important questions in modern physics.

Why do I love this book?

I just love the way how Cliff presented the knowledge in this book through an excellent way of storytelling. You will totally submerge in the book and the more you read and the more you will want to read. The book will slowly take you to more and more fundamental levels and will answer the grand question, how to make an apple pie from scratch?


I bought a high-quality hard copy of the book from Knopf Doubleday, and I also recommend you to do so! Here is the link (click here)