According to science, ghosts shouldn't exists

Every night, amateur ghost-hunting groups across the country head out into abandoned warehouses, old buildings, and cemeteries to look for ghosts. Explore more about it here

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This is how a star can be turned into a planet

Yes! You read it right. A star can turn into a planet, however, this change just occurs for an extremely specific kind of star known as a brown dwarf. Read more to explore.

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Warp drive

Exciting new research on warp drive

Ever since we broke the sound barrier, people have turned their attention to something else. How we can break the light speed barrier! But any term for faster-than-light travel still remains science fiction. Is it anymore?

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Fermi Paradox: Are we alone in this Universe?

Fermi Paradox - The stars are too far away! As far as we know, we have always been alone. No one has ever called us, no one has ever come to visit our planet. but, why so?

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string theory, image credit: Unsplash